Otivio raised NOK 40 million.

In the second quarter of this year, Otivio raised NOK 40 million for the continued development of a ground-breaking new low risk method for symptoms management of multiple sclerosis. New investors signed for NOK 22 million, existing investors for NOK 14 million and board of directors and management the remaining NOK 4 million.

“We are very pleased to have landed the issue under the prevailing market conditions”, says Andreas Mollatt, CEO Otivio, and continues: “Realizing the values ​​that lie in the treatment of MS symptoms is of course exciting”. “But perhaps the most motivating thing is to be able to offer people with MS a novel and low-risk method to treat these symptoms that has such a negative impact on their quality of life”.

Article in Winston-Salem Journal

A group of five Nordic health-care companies have been awarded admission into Winston Starts, where they will receive office space, mentoring, personalized coaching and support services.

The membership is part of the Nordic AMPlify program that debuted in October 2020.

Article in Annals of Vascular Surgery

The Effect of 12-Week Treatment with Intermittent Negative Pressure on Blood Flow Velocity and Flowmotion, Measured with a Novel Doppler Device (Earlybird). Secondary Outcomes from a Randomized Sham-Controlled Trial in Patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease

Article in Hospital Hub

“Norwegian healthtech company, Otivio has announced that it has extended an exploratory clinical trial with Neuro-SysMed to confirm the potential of its non-invasive FlowOx medical device to alleviate multiple sclerosis symptoms.”

Article in Health Tech World

After Otivio came across a significant discovery for a potential new application for their device FlowOxTM 2.0, they have decided to extend their exploratory clinical trial to analyze and understand the functionality of the device for patients with Multiple Sclerosis (pwMS).

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