FlowOx™ patient stories

Suffering from peripheral blood flow deficiencies is never easy and you are not alone, many struggle with it. Below we have gathered stories from FlowOx™ patients and asked them how they manage and how FlowOx™ has helped them.


The boots that saved Grethe’s legs

The doctors were about to amputate the leg of Grethe Valskaar Hetland. Then she got hold of the FlowOx™ boots. The FlowOx™ boot looks almost like a transparent ski-boot or an oversized snow shoe from the 1980s. The boot alternates between vacuum and non-vacuum. This improves the micro level blood circulation in the tissue of the foot.

Read Grethe’s story here


Svein Johnson’s story

Svein Johnson is a 77 year old FlowOx user. Svein came across Otivio when his poor blood flow in the lower legs posed a risk of amputation. He had such strong discomfort that pain killers were needed in order for him to get a sound night of sleep.

Svein’s goal was to be able to keep his legs, go for walks and keep his quality of life as good as possible.

The FlowOx boot is an – at home, easy to use – patient friendly device. By using it one hour twice a day, Svein has not only hindered the risk of amputation but also decreased his dependency on medicaments for the pain. With the help of our noninvasive device, he was able to improve his quality of life.

Listen to Stine’s and Hans Thomas’ stories

Stine’s story with FlowOx™

First FlowOx™ patient, Hans Thomas


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