FlowOx™ patient stories

Suffering from peripheral blood flow deficiencies is never easy and you are not alone, many struggle with it. Below we have gathered stories from FlowOx™ patients and asked them how they manage and how FlowOx™ has helped them.


The boots that saved Grethe’s legs

The doctors were about to amputate the leg of Grethe Valskaar Hetland. Then she got hold of the FlowOx™ boots. The FlowOx™ boot looks almost like a transparent ski-boot or an oversized snow shoe from the 1980s. The boot alternates between vacuum and non-vacuum. This improves the micro level blood circulation in the tissue of the foot.

Read Grethe’s story here

Listen to Stine’s and Hans Thomas’ stories

Stine’s story with FlowOx™

First FlowOx™ patient, Hans Thomas


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